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The wonderful sights seen through the TOKAI lens
 The History of Tokai Optical

Since the production of our first ophthalmic lens in 1939, Tokai Optical has been dedicated to being the first to meet the high requirements of customers for "thinner," "lighter" and "clearer" products. We embody the evolution of ophthalmic lens technology.
Above all, with the development of each new product, our highly fashionable and exquisitely designed lenses always attracted a great deal of attention in the ophthalmic lens trade.
We have pride in being a manufacturer of specialized ophthalmic lenses that can boast the latest in advanced technology, and we are also proud of our customer satisfaction record. We have confidence in our business performance, which has resulted in a loyal base of customers who love our products and this is precisely why each and every member of staff is unceasing in his dedication to tackling new issues.

Head Office
Head Office

 About This Website

This website presents our remarkable product line-up, including both newly developed and a variety of established lenses, and also gives detailed information about the company, In addition, we have been at the leading edge of the industry in obtaining ISO9001 (referring to quality management systems) and ISO14001 (referring to environmental management systems) certification.
We very much hope that this site will prove informative and useful for you.

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